The Lobster Rescue Story and Arizona Larry

Noofie Release via Maine Lobster Rescue

One of my absolute favorite podcasts is WNYC’s RadioLab. This week they tell the story of The Luckiest Lobster. It’s a good one; take 15 minutes and give it a listen.

This really is not an isolated incident. Lots of people rescue lobsters and many tell their unique stories over at Maine Lobster Rescue. Here’s the “moving” story of Arizona Larry.

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One thought on “The Lobster Rescue Story and Arizona Larry”

  1. I am in New Orleans. Recently got a promotion…Moved to the Seafood department, where the 4 lobsters in the tank have been weighing heavy on my soul. I CANNOT stand the thought of these creatures being bought for the pot…I look at them daily & wonder…What I can do?
    Is there a “rescue” here in NOLA I can contact? I will gladly buy their freedom, even at $12.99 a pop!

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