Finally, a website for lonely sailors!

sea captain date

I’m sure there won’t be a dry eye in the room after watching this video. Oh, the internet is a wonderful thing!

More here.

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Peter A. Mello

Father, son. Lifelong mariner, student of leadership, photographer. Professional creative placemaker.

6 thoughts on “Finally, a website for lonely sailors!”

  1. I suspect that the site is spoofing as one can not contact them without registering and giving a “license number”. A friend pointed me to the site saying that one of the profiles was using one of my copyrighted images copied from my website. Yep, it was a photo of mine… (a stock photo I posed for too)…I have tried to contact the website with a take down demand and they didn’t respond so I checked the contact information via IP address to find the contact information is not valid. I am contacting the website provider with the fraud information.

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