Class, meet your new substitute teacher, Captain Sparrow

Substitute Teacher Captain Sparrow Just in time to stop a mutiny at the Meridian primary school in Greenwich, England, Captain Jack Sparrow responded to a plea for help from a 9th grade student. She wrote a letter and like every good mariner, he responded. Here’s the rest of the story from the London Evening Standard.

Pirates of the Caribbean 4 Rumors

Jack Sparrow DIgg just pointed me to where Katey Rich reports:

Big, big news on the next Pirates of the Caribbean movie, courtesy of one of our most reliable tipsters. Our proven informant (who we’re forced to keep anonymous) wants you to know the following info should be taken with a “grain of salt and a dose of pepper,” things are still in motion, but here goes anyway. Wondering how they’re going to make a whole Pirates movie with just Jack Sparrow? Or who else might return? Read on!

Most excitingly, there are talks of Captain Jack having a brother in the next movie, possibly to be played by Sacha Baron Cohen (perfect!) or Russell Brand (even more perfect!) Of course, that’s probably just fantasy casting, but why would either of those comedians turn the role down? As we’ve mentioned before, the new movie might kick off a trilogy, which would revolve around Captain Jack’s search for the Fountain of Youth.

Geoffrey Rush and director Gore Verbinski are apparently both planning to return, but… and this is a big maybe… Tim Burton might direct instead. Tim Burton!

Okay, it’s just a rumor but heck, it’s something fun to think about while the financial markets collapse, the war rages on, real pirates attack ships off Africa and politicians argue about the same thing and nothing.

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