Harbor Life and Piloting by OneEighteen

Thanks to gCaptain.com I spent too much time tonight viewing some wonderful marine photo’s on Flickr.

OneEighteen’s profile states “husband, father, ship pilot in Houston” but a couple things are missing: terrific photographer and fascinating storyteller.

His set “Harbor Life and Piloting” is beautiful and educational. He writes:

My intention with this set is to give people a taste of life in a busy port, explain a little about the profession of piloting, and give a little tour of the port itself. All the photos have, or will have, a caption making up part of the essay.

Since 2004 Houston has been the busiest port in the US. We average about 50 transits a day. The ships range in size from ocean going tugs up to tankers and container ships around 1000 feet (300m) long. The channel is about 60 miles long and is man-made. Houston itself is reached by entering the channel in the Gulf of Mexico offshore from Galveston and crossing Galveston Bay. The cities of La Porte, Morgan’s Point, Baytown, Pasadena, Channel View, Deer Park, and Galena Park have docks along the way.

It’s all a cooperative effort coordinated by the Port of Houston Authority.

Check out all of his work which does an amazing job in capturing our rich maritime culture. Thanks for sharing OneEighteen!

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