Jason Lewis’ Human Powered Solo Circumnavigation

WorldMapWithAntipodes_copy4 On October 6, 2007, adventurer Jason Lewis returned to Greenwich, England, a city that he had left 13 years and 45,000 miles earlier, to become the first human powered solo circumnavigator of planet Earth. According to Wikipedia, Lewis:

  • crossed the Atlantic and Pacific oceans in a wooden pedal boat;
  • roller bladed across North America;
  • kayaked from Australia to Singapore;
  • biked from Singapore to the Himalayas;
  • hiked through the Himalayas and
  • pedaloed from Mumbai, India crossing the Indian Ocean to Djibouti.

Originally plans called a trip of 3.5 years; however, Lewis encountered a number of unanticipated challenges along the way including being struck by a car in Colorado inflicting two broken legs and 9 months of recovery, a crocodile attack and worst of all, a battle with self in suffering through a period of depression.

Lewis’ incredible journey was chronicled on the Expedition 360 website where there are some great resources for teachers and parents as well. Here’s a cool video from Green.tv.

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