Cruising in Style

Tugster (here and here), gCaptain, Gothamist and many other bloggers covered the recent three Cunard Queens (Mary 2, Elizabeth 2 and Victoria) first and last rendezvous in New York City.

But here’s an interesting Flickr photoset by Bonito Club called Mid century ship interiors. Check it out to see what it really meant to cruise in style.

One of my favorites (below) is the Pop Inn.

A postcard of the Tourist Class teenagers room from the P&O liner “Canberra” of 1961. “There is a juke-box stacked with ‘pop’ records to give full scope to exuberance. There are soft-drink dispensers too – even in shape this room is far from square!” Designed by John Wright and featuring murals and artwork by David Hockney.

The Cunard website is chockful of information including live bridge webcams; its worth a visit.

(Thanks Coudal Partners Blended Feed)

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