The LoveBoat (NY Times Wedding and Celebrations)

1-loveboat-logo(swf)If you are a regular reader of the Sunday NY Times like me, you probably cruise right through the Weddings/Celebrations section.  Usually reserved for the rich and famous and socially connected, heck if a simple sailor like me would ever know anybody whose nuptials are “fit to print.”

Well low and behold today’s paper featured two merchant mariners!

Margaret Meehan and Rocky Curtis – The bride and bridegroom, both merchant mariners, married in a calm after the storm.

WHEN the punishing surf churned up by an offshore storm washed away the restaurant deck where Margaret Meehan and Peter Curtis Jr. were to have their rehearsal dinner in a few short hours, the couple didn’t panic.

As experienced chief officers in the merchant marine guiding giant container ships through the world’s busiest shipping channels, both are well versed in the ways of the sea. They simply found another spot. Called, of course, the Anchor.

Read their full story here.

Fair winds and smooth sailing wishes for the couple!

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