9 Marine Energy Projects That Could Save The Planet

Fast Company has an interesting slide show with a grand title: 9 Marine Energy Projects That Could Save The Planet. From Fast Company:

Marine energy has taken a back seat to its more well-developed and well-funded rival, wind. That’s about to change. Water has several advantages over wind power: marine current turbines (essentially underwater windmills) tend to be smaller and less costly to produce than their terra firma brethren, and wave energy and tidal flows can be predicted with much greater accuracy than wind speeds. The power contained in accessible coastal currents is estimated at about 4,000 TW, or about a quarter of the electricity demand of the entire world. Some recent developments have been especially encouraging. The first 5 projects here have been shortlisted as candidates for the Severn River between England and Wales.

Hope they’re right!

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3 thoughts on “9 Marine Energy Projects That Could Save The Planet”

  1. Marine energy seems so promising. I am writing from the east coast of the U.S. where many offshore wind projects are struggling to find support. Wave energy might offer more appeal for those protesting “unsightly” wind turbines. Thank you for the overview…it is difficult to find reliable information on industries in this area of alternative energy. Keep up the good efforts!

  2. Your overview of marine renewable energy industry is very restricted…………… there are many more technologies being developed. If your intention is to educate or display your knowledge…… it is very limited.

    1. Thanks Denise but since this is social media wouldn’t it be better to add something positive to the conversation. You’re link would indicate that you are involved with a renewable energy company yet you fail to inform Sea-Fever readers about the work that you do. Finally, my post was a repost of a Fast Company slideshow, not a comprehensive overview of the renewable marine energy market; you’re beef resides with them. If you want to educate Sea-Fever readers about all of the viable alternative or just what your company does, I’d welcome your contribution to the conversation. Thanks for stopping by and sorry find a problem with the post.

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